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Solar Power

TESLA Solar Roofs

Burgh Custom Homes is always looking for the next great product to help our clients enjoy the value of their homes. In a recent meeting with a representative from one of the largest roofing manufacturer in the world; I asked “what’s next in shingles.” To my shock and surprise, I was directed to check out TESLA Solar Roofs.
The Shingles of the Future are upon us…..TESLA Solar Roofs by TESLA and Solar City.
TESLA (yes the batter sports car company) is going to turn the Solar power and roofing industry for a loop in the coming years. TESLA Solar Roofs.
Elon Musk (founder of TESLA) has decided to take his Battery Company and enter into the Solar Power industry full force. This new product could bring Solar Power main stream and introduce a new market that has remained un-tapped to the conventional Solar Panel offerings of years past. In the coming years; Burgh Custom Homes will continue to watch this product and look for the right opportunity for a client.
As you can tell from the Video below; the “Smart Roof” is in full R&D mode. The product has been manufactured in a joint venture with Solar City and installed on several test homes. The product appears to be very attractive and from initial reports; competitively priced with “dumb” shingles. Only time will tell us if this is an accurate statement. Projections are showing: 16x times the current shingle pricing & double the very high end roofing options.
TESLA Roof vs Traditional Roof Cost
$25-$35/Square Foot vs $1.50-$2.50/Square Foot
The biggest difference being your TESLA Roof is capturing and storing the power for your home.  No more power bills.
Well written article in Bloomberg concerning this cutting edge product: TESLA Roofs – Bloomberg
With the owner and founder of TESLA making statements as follows: “So the basic proposition will be: Would you like a roof that looks better than a normal roof, lasts twice as long, costs less and—by the way—generates electricity?” Musk said. “Why would you get anything else?”
Burgh Custom Homes will be staying in touch with TESLA and looking for the right opportunity to put the first “Smart Roof” into operation in Augusta GA.
Another Great article from Buffalo where the product will be manufactured.  Buffalo News – TESLA Plant
TESLA Roofing System
4 Initial Product Offerings from TESLA Solar Roof System
Beautiful Solar Roof
TESLA Solar Roof System
TESLA Solar Roof
Slate TESLA Solar Roof Offering
Non-shattering glass
TESLA Roof System – nearly indestructible
Solar Power
TESLA Solar Roof home with the Slate Solar Panel Shingle.

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